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What is Shop & Trade Mixed Use Development in Athens

The L-shaped four-storey office volume is placed along the back street and the boundary with the adjacent property, thus providing the backdrop for a roof garden over the single storey retail podium. The landscape design articulates an ecologically oriented design for the open space on the rooftop and on the street level. The garden contributes to the quality of public space while at the same time providing a visual focus and an environmental buffer for the offices. The roof garden slopes under the main office volume, suggesting perceptual continuity of public and private open space. The treatment of raw building materials as final finishes projects a discipline of design and construction. The vertically curved elevation of the main building is rendered as a curtain that expresses the flow of energy and breezes across the site.

The green roof garden creates favourable microclimatic conditions. The green roof garden is planted with trees, grasses and herbs that require minimum maintenance and irrigation. The linear planting with grasses on the green roof, echoes the linearity of the agricultural fields. The grasses shacked by the wind are forming a living, breathing terrain, a green fabric that emerges in combination with the curved elevation. Small open spaces, with clusters of trees, emerge throughout the planted stripes. Environmental performance is enhanced by the combination of geothermal systems, an atrium at the center of the main office wing, and automatic B.M.S. coordination of the openings.

Architects: Maria Kokkinou and Andreas Kourkoulas
Associate Architect: Marianna Athanasiadou
Consultant Architect: John Peponis
Consultant Associates: Artemis Halari, George Nikopoulos
Project Team: George Iliadis, Despoina Lafazani, Marianna Lizardou, Eleni Papanastasiou
Structural Engineer: T. Tsiknias & Associates
Mechanical Engineer: LDK – Consultant Engineers & Planners LTD
Acoustics Consultant: Thodoris Timagenis
Lighting Consultant: Thanassis Kanelias
Associate: Myrto Kanakaki
Landscape Architect: Helli Pangalou Landscape Architects
Associate: Eleni Tsiridani
Energy Consultant: Aris Tsangrassoulis, Vasilis Geros
Management Consultant: Dimand
Video: Antonis Kourkoulos

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