Against All Odds, abbreviated to AAO, is a concept and initiation of Lina Stergiou.

AAO is a project by 4 Life Strategies, a Non-profit Organization founded in 2011 with the commitment to proactively and strategically design actions for life. It is a mechanism that produces thoughts, ideas and actions as a multilateral, cross-disciplinary creative practice.


4Life Strategies aspires to create a deeper awareness about the most pressing issues of our time. It challenges and inspires artists, designers, architects, educators, writers, critical thinkers and students to interrupt their ‘business as usual’ and collectively re-imagine how a cross-disciplinary creative practice can address crucial social and ecological issues and become agency for transformation or change.

It functions as an open invitation to diverse creative and scientific disciplines to contribute different viewpoints from which to look again at the current social, ecological and cultural issues from a multidisciplinary perspective; with a global issue perception and local reasoning and application.


4Life Strategies acting as a cross-disciplinary platform strategically designs actions for life: it (a) creates and produces multidisciplinary creative works, and (b) initiates research, educational programs, exhibitions, conferences and publications designed to reach and influence a wide and diverse audience. It is an expanding open structure working with an international advisory board of artists, architects, activists, designers, critical thinkers and academics with its creative director being Lina Stergiou.