Read about CRES/Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving

What is Green urban quarter pilot project

It is a pilot project on one building complex showcasing “zero energy” concept. Changes will use the latest in energy saving to reduce energy needs of buildings, while the balance will be supplied by renewable technologies harnessing the sun.
Green Pilot Urban Neighborhood pilot project is an initiative of the Ministry of the Environment Energy and Climate Change (YPEKA), funded by EPPERAA and EU Cohesion Funds to promote sustainable economic and social cohesion.
At the same time, CRES is working with sponsoring companies (Fibran, Jub, Jubiland, Thermica Plus Constructions, Vlahos Monotiki, GreenWindows, ETEM, Saint Gopain Glass, ETHER) to place the technologies to realize the goal of “zero energy buildings”:

  • exterior heat insulation in the walls and roofs of buildings, ensuring better heating and cooling for the apartments
  • window frames and shading systems
  • cool materials in lofts and walls to reflect the sun’s heat
  • advanced air conditioning using geothermal heat pumps
  • intelligent networks giving residents opportunity to control energy costs
  • green roofs
  • green space measures for courtyards to enhance the natural environment of the common space
  • renewable sources of energy like solar generators and collectors

All transformations will be carried out offering positions to the local workforce of the region.

Scientific Committee CRES:
Prof. Santamouris M., President CRES
Lampropoulou Lena, Architect, Head of Buildings Department
Tzanakaki Evi, Architect, Buildings Department
Sfakianaki Katerina, Physicist, Buildings Department

Architect Consultants :
Tombazis Alexandros
Platanioti Anny
Vei Spiropoulou Katerina
Kostikas Makis
Andreadis Giorgos


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