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What is Cool Umbrella

The cooling umbrella responds to the naturalness of the space of a microclimate, as it constructs out of three basic ingredients of nature: air, earth and water.

The creation of a microclimate, which is both comfortable and tailors to the needs of outdoor spaces, helps significantly in counteracting the problem of the eminent climate change of the world.

The trunk of the umbrella functions as a wind catcher as it ties up the air and by the help of water-cools the space. The hanging plants, representing the earth element, which spread towards the East and the West, surround the structure, thereby maintaining the cooler temperatures. The umbrella can be planted anywhere… on squares, beaches, bus stops… anywhere where someone might need a place to cool off!

Design & Project Director: Elina Drossou
Collaborating Architects: Julia Desli, Chrysoula Chelidonaki, Nikos Karkatselas
Lighting Design: Yiannis Diplas
Lighting Director: IFI
Execution Producer: Noe Chajinousios, Nikos Drossos, Yiorgos Fotopoulos
Plants Sponsor: Fitoria Antemisari
Photography: Vassilis Skopelitis
Video: Antonis Kourkoulos

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